How to receive the Holy Spirit

First step: Consciousness.

Be aware that no one is baptized with the Holy Spirit because he deserves it. If the person thinks he deserves it, he will never receive it. This baptism must be sought with all the strength and the whole heart, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This important lesson was taught to me by my spiritual mentor in the Lord John. He is a minister of the gospel and does Continue reading this article to be touched by the Lord.

Second step: Want.

Wanting is not simply a will or a good idea and not because others have Him. But it is just as necessary as salvation. It is a will that is comparable to the forgiveness of sins. It is a burning desire over any other dream or wish of the heart. More than living, marrying, conquering the world, in other words, more than anything that people or this world can offer. That is why the Lord makes this thirst a condition. It is necessary to be thirsty. A lot of thirsts. Desperate thirst. If someone thirsts … (John 7:37) If there are no “claws” in the will, it becomes difficult.

Third step: Thoughts.

The will has to be followed by the thought that is in the Person of the Holy Spirit. The thought must be constantly in Him, whether at home, at work, on the street, in the church, or in any place. As often as possible. It is like a relationship. When you have a relationship with someone, the person constantly thinks of that person, is not that right? The same thing has to happen with the candidate for the Divine Seal. The most important thing is to keep the mind focused on Him. It is not necessary to say that in this phase the candidate must ensure that he isolates himself from everything that is detrimental to his good conscience. Avoid bad groups or people who are against faith, vulgar distractions and anything that disturbs the relationship with the Spirit. It is difficult, but not impossible. Faith requires sacrifices. If with the conquests of material goods the sacrifices are not lacking, the more with the spiritual conquests. Imagine the fullness of the Holy Spirit!

So there must be a supernatural effort.

When these conditions are met, the candidate does not have to do anything more, let alone worry. It is only waiting. He can be baptized at any time and any place. At home, at work, on the street, in the church, there is no longer any obstacle so that the Lord Jesus Christ will baptize you with His Spirit.

NB: During the moment that the “mind is busy” with the Person of the Holy Spirit, the devil will most likely blow dirty thoughts. If this happens, know that this is an excellent sign that you are on the right track. Do not be desperate. Do not worry. And do not even think that you are sinning against Him. The temptation is not a sin. Sin is falling into temptation. An unpardonable sin is to insult the Holy Spirit or utter words that go against Him.

When dirty thoughts come, do not be afraid and do not flee. Take advantage of the moment and resist the devil by praising the Lord Jesus. Whether with songs or with words of praise (with a high or low volume), this depends on your privacy). The most important thing is not being afraid of being intimidated by the dirty thoughts. You must respond! And respond with praise to God.

What characterizes the process of receiving the Holy Spirit

Wind noise
Fire tongues
Spirit Fulfillment
Other languages

All of these SIGNS were evidence of the fulfillment of the promised Word of God and indicated precisely that the Spirit that had appeared was the Holy Spirit.

The noise of a strong wind. The God of Hosts, being in a storm, spoke of himself as a Judge (Naum.1: 3, Is.30: 30). The gift of the Holy Ghost is the Judgment. One who accepted Him to justify, the other who rejected Him to condemnation. In addition, God Almighty parade “on the wings of the wind” (2Sam.22: 11, Ps.17: 11, Ps.103: 3, etc.). This sign indicated that the One who DENIES the world of the sin of DISCOVERY came and testifies that the prince of this world is CONDEMNED, that is, that John 16: 8-11 was fulfilled. It was a prophetic sign. Very often, opponents of the baptism of the Holy Spirit indicate that “… the Lord is not in the wind, but in a quiet spirit” (1 Kings 19: 11,12). It was God who spoke to Elijah, his faithful prophet, who regretted that after the execution of the prophets of Baal (850 people!) Israel did not turn and Jezebel did not reconcile. God told Elijah that His essence — meekness, humility, LOVE, and that such bloodthirsty measures against His enemies — are forced. Did not the court God declared Elijah for the fulfillment of God’s will? Recall also that when Jesus spoke of receiving the Holy Spirit after his resurrection, having said this, he blew it and said to them: Receive the Holy Spirit.

And there are no squalls and storms. It is just that the disciples and we now are a gentle wind of a quiet wind, but the noise of strong wind is like the announcement of the Court for all those who disobey the Gospel, who in a few minutes mocked the apostles and accused them of being drunk. For them – the Court. And every time He does not intend to repeat this. It is now in the Word. Also in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, we no longer encounter this sign. The court came THEN. And he has not gone away all these 2,000 years. And if now there will again be a “strong wind noise” when praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, then the question is, what was the judgment once canceled?

Flaming tongues. The Jews knew very well Who led their ancestors in the wilderness – Pillar of Fire, in which the Lord Himself walked. This Pillar stood in the midst of the camp of Israel in the campsites and walked in front of them along the way, pointing the way. He also covered the Israeli camp from behind – when Pharaoh decided to overtake the Jews and avenge the firstborn. And “separated tongues, as if fiery” indicated that the Lord God is now not among them, gathered in a spacious room (an upper room), but INSIDE them! The God of Israel, who was in the midst of His people, began to live within His children. It is also a prophetic sign, pointing to the above promises of the NTs of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Naturally, to repeat this sign every time, i.e. it would be strange to testify again about the occurrence of the NT after 2000 years after its actual occurrence. He once gave this sign, and nowhere else do we see it – not in Paul, nor in Peter, or anyone else. And the apostles are not embarrassed at all.

Spirit Fulfillment. Dual sign. It includes the actual execution of the Spirit and the experience of the Joy of the Ineffable. A baptized person who has just received the Gift of the Holy Spirit experiences special feelings that cannot be described in words. Anyone baptized in the Holy Spirit, born again and having the experience of Jesus Christ’s personal knowledge, can testify that at certain points in his life he experienced a particularly strong intimacy with the Lord. It was not some external influence, but it came from within the person. This happens in the congregation of saints and in solitude. It is impossible to predict or stimulate the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit – it happens when God wants to open up to you or wants to use you. In a word, the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit occurs when God approaches you greatly. A person, as a rule, behaves in this state inadequately and very strangely – he can shout, jump to the ceiling, swing his arms, cry or even cry at all, can prophesy, and can repent, he can simply fall off his feet from feeling unearthly bliss. In Pentecostals and charismatics, such manifestations are still encountered, but due to the defective teachings, they have acquired an ugly-parody-theatrical form in many cases. So if you do not want to fall backward, while the charismatic “anointed one” is praying for you, the sherry standing nearby will “help” you to lie down. I am not talking about that. I mean that a person who has just received the Holy Spirit, very sharply (for the first time!) Feels Him and His movement in himself. And it behaves strangely to others. So, one brother, after he received Dar, I had to slightly hold, for he would have broken himself or his head, or would have jumped out of the window with happiness.



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